W'air (W-air)
 Pronunciation: woo-air
 Function: undefined
 Date: unknown
 1: Term used to release extreme feelings of frustration.
 2: Common usage is proven to reduce stress and
      increase general well being.

Expression Example
Normal : oh no I lost my keys
Improved : W’air I lost my keys

English Equivalent
I love you : W’air feek shoo b7ibak !

Some Useful Expressions:
I miss you: W’air shou mishtaklak!
What happened?:  W’air shoo sar?
What's wrong with you?!?: W’air bi shaklak
What's wrong?:  W’air shoo fee?
W'air have you been??:  W’air waynak?
Turn on the AC:  W’air shoo fee shob!
The AC is not working!:  W’air condition!
How could you do that?!:  W’air shoo beik ya zalameh!
Please come back later:  W’air ma shayifneh mashghoul 
I have a hang overW’air minteik albeh
Are you ok? W’air shoo beik?
Why haven't you called me?: W’air ma pta3reef it’talfeen
What an idea!! :  W’air malla fikra!
Please reconsider: W’air ma bee-seer!
Where do I begin?: W’air do i start?
Please come back later: W’air ma shayifneh mashghoul
Don’t be a stranger: W’air ma tkhaleena nishtaklak
Of course!:  W’air walaw!
It gets better!:  W’air ba3id ma shifit shee!